"Message From Our Students"

WASEDA will always treats like a family to us and has been helping us in our Hardships with Sweet Success. Thank you for helping us persue our passion.

“We got best language classes for our higher education in nepal.”
Suraj Khulal magar
Nishinihon International Educational Institute
Fukuoka city, Japan
“I would like to thank waseda JLS for showing us better gateway to study in Japan.”
Samina lama
Kagoshima College of Computer Business
Kagoshima, Japan
“To be honest I got so much oppurtunity to learn japanese language and culture at WASEDA .”

Nawaraj Ghale
Sendai Language School
Sendai city, Japan

"Thank you Waseda JLS for providing us better education language and pathway to dream at Japan."

Sunita Pariyar
Chiba Mode Business College
Chiba, Japan