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Welcome to Waseda Japanese Language School

Waseda Japanese Language School is a well-known and unique educational consultancy and a language school in Kathmandu, registered under the Act of Nepal Government. It provides Japanese language classes and conducts student exchange programs between Nepal and Japan. It is a leading Japanese language school to cater to the needs of students who wish to pursue their higher education in Japan.

Message From Principal

“Enjoy The Process Of Learning And You Will Learn And Grow In An Exponential Rate.”


-Suman Thapa

we provide


Absolutely Transparency and Fair Information with Best Guidance for Career.


We provide Japanese Language Classes .


We provide the  JLPT, Nat-Test Preparation Classes for the applicant.

Welcome From Managing Director

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-Sabin Khanal

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What Our Students Have to Say

"I took JLPT preparation class at WASEDA and was worth my expectation. Specially the classroom activities and the tips provided by the experts was worth to score as my expectation."
Shanti Adhikari
From Nepal
"I am so thankful for your kind assistance in every step. I found a good teacher, mentor and a friend within a company that made my way much easier to make my biggest dream come true."
Asu Koirala
From Nepal
Even after their entry into Japan. It’s a team packed with experience and mature professional When you know better you do better. .
Nawaraj Ghale
From Nepal
"Got the best Experienced And Professional Teacher who will guide us in the present and future ."
Suraj Khulal magar
From Nepal


WASEDA always focuses on giving student true information about Japan, Japanese culture and traditions so that they can feel easier and tensionless in Nepal.

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