Waseda Japanese Language School is well known Japanese language school where we provide Japanese language, culture and environment. Waseda JLS has helped hundreds of students to fulfill their dream of studying in Japan. 

 We found Waseda JLS with the Objective to serve the better Education gateway to passes the Education light for students. We feel pleasure that we are success in delivering language skills and understanding the culture.

Our student coordinators are available to help you to choose the right school, proper counselling and your student visa and explanation regarding living in Japan.

Moreover, we are dedicated to provide higher quality education to all the learners who are beginners  under the close supervision of highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty members so that they can interact with Japanese people without any failure and can adjust well in the Japanese surroundings and society.

We focus on quality of language skills and communication to achieve qualitative success in upcoming future. If you have dedicated yourself in learning language skills you can unlock your possibility of dreaming and pursuing study and work at Japan.